Friday, September 26, 2014


There are days when I have absolutely no idea what to cook. As my boys are picky eaters I usually cook them something to their taste but as these are around 5-8 meals they get to be boring to me. So I often cook two different meals a day. And when I'm lost among thousands of recipes I just grab the current issue of any of my fav magazines and try them. So this recipe is adopted from Morrisons mag. But as I'm not very organized for a reason I simply forgot to buy mushroom in the superstore as it was written in the recipe. But I had a really nice  broccoli in the fridge. And don't laugh please but I have never ever used corned beef before. I thought it was something fatty, disgusting stuff in a tin. But it was far much better than I expected so it's not worth miss it. All in all the food had great textures, good flavors in under 30  minutes. I'm really impressed by these kind of easy-peasy recipes. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014


There are a few good good things in autumn, though aren't?  Spot the the vegs and fruits, season is there. And pumpkin carving is coming :-)
And it's the season when no need for excuse to cook comfort food.
It can be meaty, or meat free, curry or stew I have so many favs. My last comfort food recipes are featured on Stocksy, a lovely Confit Duck with a Warm Red Cabbage and Kale Salad. Check it out, please!

And here below comes an autumn dessert with figs  and a spicy squash salad. Both are quick and easy so if You're in a rush these are ideal choice. Go for it!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I haven't been here for a while for a reason.
In the last 6 weeks we went back to Hungary and then spent a week in Italy, where it was literally rainy. Awful. Honestly. But the food was brilliant as always.
And going back to Hungary I was spoiled as my Mum, Mother-in law, and my Sister cooked most of the time, so I hardly cooked anything. I enjoyed the fantastic Minestrone what was made by my Mother-in-law, my Grandma's Filled Pepper, my Mum's  Floating Island and my Sister's lovely stews. My boys ate dozen of Scnitzels with chips almost every other day and no doubt they were not bored by that by the end of the long holiday.  But by the end of the sixth week I really missed my kitchen. I would have liked to cook and bake in my own dishes to my taste. I had many ideas what to bake with figs, grapes, blackberry and try something new with squash, chestnut and so on.
So here is my very first recipe at the beginning of autumn. A real comfort food. Ideal diner on a rainy day when it's chilly outside but eating a hot curry can be heart warming. Curry with Chickpeas Squash and Aubergine. The whole meal was inspired by the vegs which are in season now, and seasoned with mild, fragrant spices.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Where should I start? At the beginning... I read about a recipe competition a couple of weeks ago. The theme was so inspiring that even if I'm really busy to work for a new, lovely client on a huge project quite recently  I couldn't resist that. The organizers look  for Tuscany inspired recipes! I love Tuscany and I'm definitely in love with Italian food. Only two weeks and we'll be there again as every year. If I close my eyes I can see myself getting up early and drive for the local market to look for the best Italian burrata, mussels, juicy fresh fruits and bread. What kind of other adventure could be more  fantastic than hunting through an Italian market? To me nothing.

Monday, June 30, 2014


Oysters.... ambivalent food, isn't it? I know someones how would die for it and know many others who would never ever tasted even if they died of starving.
My first memory with oyster was about 10 years ago. I was sitting in a fancy restaurant where lots of dozens of oysters were sitting on ice. They looked so inviting I couldn't resist them. But I was more than disappointed. It was not tasty, not bad just like nothing. So after then I haven't tried again. Until a couple of weeks ago when I read a great interview on lovely Lizzy's site on Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things. There were so many new infos in that to me, that I decided to go for it again. I searched heavily on the web for a recipe to my taste. I was sure to eat them with some juicy veg. And what could be juicer than some fresh, red tomatoes? So tomato salsa proved a good decision and all in all it was much more delicious than anything in my kitchen recently.