Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Where should I start? At the beginning... I read about a recipe competition a couple of weeks ago. The theme was so inspiring that even if I'm really busy to work for a new, lovely client on a huge project quite recently  I couldn't resist that. The organizers look  for Tuscany inspired recipes! I love Tuscany and I'm definitely in love with Italian food. Only two weeks and we'll be there again as every year. If I close my eyes I can see myself getting up early and drive for the local market to look for the best Italian burrata, mussels, juicy fresh fruits and bread. What kind of other adventure could be more  fantastic than hunting through an Italian market? To me nothing.

Monday, June 30, 2014


Oysters.... ambivalent food, isn't it? I know someones how would die for it and know many others who would never ever tasted even if they died of starving.
My first memory with oyster was about 10 years ago. I was sitting in a fancy restaurant where lots of dozens of oysters were sitting on ice. They looked so inviting I couldn't resist them. But I was more than disappointed. It was not tasty, not bad just like nothing. So after then I haven't tried again. Until a couple of weeks ago when I read a great interview on lovely Lizzy's site on Bizzy Lizzy's Good Things. There were so many new infos in that to me, that I decided to go for it again. I searched heavily on the web for a recipe to my taste. I was sure to eat them with some juicy veg. And what could be juicer than some fresh, red tomatoes? So tomato salsa proved a good decision and all in all it was much more delicious than anything in my kitchen recently.

Friday, June 6, 2014


Recently I'm not in a mood to develop on my own recipes. I'm rather focusing on improving my photography skills and just cook our loved and easy made family favorite recipes instead. The season of spring is a real heaven in terms of ingredients. Asparagus, new potato, broad beans, peas, rhubarb are in season at almost the same time. I could eat them every day and I have so many all time favorite recipes that I wouldn't like to change. But sometimes a new recipe, a bit of freshness or a tiny little twist can be added to my home made foods.

This recipe was published in Guardian last Saturday. The author stated that it was a real Provencal starter could be served on canape or as a dip. Sounds great! Go ahead, it's really-really delicious! 

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Even if it was made at the end of May, it was quite hot. Hotter than expected in the UK in this time. 
And watermelon was so sweet as in high season. 
This combo is the easiest summer starter I can imagine, so the recipe is just almost nothing, the idea behind is simple and perfect. Just go ahead and if You arrange a garden party recently it will be definitely a showstopper! 

Saturday, May 24, 2014


This week is National Vegetarian Week here in the UK. Even if I'm not vegetarian I'm in love with veggies! I could mention hardly any of them as my only one favourite, but I could list some of them that are really not my cup of tea. For example I really hate the  taste, texture and fragrance of parsnip from my early childhood. I gave an other try somewhen 2 years ago and I still not like it at all. Ok, I use it quite often in many vegetable soups and then discard, that's all. 
The other veg on my "don't like list" is pak choi. I know that many foodies would die for a bite of fresh, crispy pak choi but me. If You asked me what I don't like in that I could say the too neutral flavor. Just like nothing special to me and too far bland.

I have so many sweet memories with peas. My parents had a huge garden when I was a little girl and when it was in season we shelled dozens for many hours. My sister, Mum and me were sitting in the tiny kitchen with a bowl on our knees and had  chat meanwhile shelling. I ate big  handful of raw peas and then had a aching stomach. But it was sooo crispy and sweet that I couldn't resist.
Now my boys love to help me in shelling. The younger one is still not very dexterous  in cracking the pods but his brother always gives a hand to him. So they work as a real professional team.